Lease Up

Why work with Elan to lease-up your multi-family rental building?

We partner with multi-family investors to create and implement a custom strategy to maximize revenue and minimize post-construction vacancies. Our expert lease-up team is made up of experienced, veteran luxury rental agents. We can help you plan and execute a marketing and leasing strategy for new construction and conversion multi-family projects in downtown Chicago and in the city's neighborhoods.

    Our lease-up services include:

  • Analysis of space allocation to optimize for highest and best use, e.g., floor plans, common areas

  • Market analytics to project pro-forma rents accurately

  • Ongoing metrics to test and adjust marketing and pricing strategies

  • Comprehensive and custom marketing, advertising, and promotion strategy and implementation for each property, including unique property website

  • Professional, licensed rental team, including a dedicated onsite agent, as needed

  • Tenant screening, processing of leases, and facilitating walk-throughs/move ins

  • Post lease-up support

Give us a call at 773-698-8383 or email us at [email protected] to connect with our lease-up team.

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