March 2015 by Patricia H.
I was looking for a place and contact Elan about an apartment I saw on craiglist. I didn''t know I was going to get the full treatment. The agent went out of his way to put together a whole list of places for me. I thought I was only going to see one place. They responded within 20 minutes of my email and stayed in contact with me. I definitely recommend.

March 2011
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May 2009
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Realty & Mortgage Co., a property management company, has been in business for almost 110 yrs. With many properties throughout Chicago and its surrounding suburbs calculating about 6,000 apartments, it is almost impossible to rent all of the apartments effectively on our own, so we turn to companies that help us find tenants. Elan Leasing has been working with Realty & Mortgage Co. for the past couple months and have effectively proven they definitely have what it takes to help us rent the units out. With 3 Units that were on the market for almost 4 months, Elan Leasing provided us with applications almost immediately after providing them with our availability list, bringing our vacancies down. Their efforts and dedication have been consistent since day 1. It is with great honor that we write this recommendation on their behalf.

Raquel S. Reyes
Assistant Property Manager
Realty & Mortgage Co.
May 18, 2009