March 2015 by Steven G. , Lakeview / Wrigleyville
I''ve got to hand it to Elizabeth at Elan... once she found out about my experience, she went the extra mile and a half to make sure my roommate and I were taken care of and got an affordable place in the area we were looking for. She even helped us with a lot of stuff that other brokers might have looked the other way on. I''m glad she stepped in to help turn our experience around, and in light of that I''ve got to recommend you come to them for help finding a place. If at first it doesn''t work out with others in the group, reach out to her and she''ll make it right.

March 2015 by Linda D , Lincoln Park
I tried for a little over a year to connect with Elan Realty to lease an apartment with them. Their apartments are little hidden gems in their respective neighborhoods and rent quickly. Determination, persistence and perseverance pays off. Keep at it and start early in the rental season and you will find what you are looking for. I dealt with Elizabeth and she was professional and awesome through the whole process. When I couldn''t get my phone to resend and share an important document we arranged for me to come by the office. Upon my arrival Barb and the office manager were extremely nice and patient with me. I would highly recommend using Elan Realty in search for a rental or purchase.

March 2011 by Ling M.
When I was moving back to Chicago, I happened across Elan Realty from a Craigslist posting. I got in touch with one of their associates, Elizabeth, who found me a studio within two days. Unlike other brokers, who kept trying to push features on me that I didn''t need (new remodeled kitchen! high rise building!), Elizabeth listened to what I wanted (good light, great view, nice windows), and selected the suitable apartment showings accordingly. It was a good experience, without the "car salesman" mentality. I''d do it again. - Ling M.

March 2011 by Tyler H.
I gotta hand out five throwing stars to Elizabeth from Elan Realty, who has the coolness and poise of a crafty assassin. But the good kind of assassin, not the kind that kills presidents or John Lennon or anything like that. More like the kind who uses her ninjutsu know-how to find you an apartment with a walk-in closet and a nice view of the lake. She was always on the same page as me, and even followed through to make sure I was satisfied after I moved in. Go with Elan. Ask for Elizabeth. Even if you think you''ve found a satisfactory place, where else will you have an opportunity to meet a real-estate broker who can also wield a katana?

Note to Elizabeth: Please don''t be offended about the whole assassin thing. I just needed a vivid way to describe how cool you were. - Tyler H.

March 2011 by Abigail D.
I found Elan on Craigslist. I had tried several agencies before using Elan. Each kept showing me apts I could not afford. No matter how many times I told them my budget they continued to only show me units out of my price range or in areas outside of the neighborhood I wanted to be in.

The realtor, Elizabeth, was extremely helpful.
Elan''s realtor helped me find an apt in my price range and the area I wanted, within about a week. She helped facilitate my lease process and was eager to help out in any other way she could.

If you are looking for a place in Lakeview I suggest giving them a shot! I enjoy my new apt and the process was easy and quick! - Abigail D.

March 2011 by Josh E.
Moving to Chicago from Michigan in a week''s time was super daunting, especially when forced to consider which neighborhood my girlfriend and I should choose to leave our dirty laundry and hand chair lying around. With about only seven chicago intersections committed to memory, consolidating the list of potential neighborhoods was accomplished by picking only neighborhood names could be suitable for naming a cat.

Among the most cumbersome factors in moving to town was dealing with real estate agents. I went to two real estate groups that showed me around Lakeview and Roscoe Village. I was told I was too choosey (my preferences were: close to Redline, and heat included).

Thankfully, I found Elizabeth''s postings on Craigslist. Within a day, we scheduled an appointment and discussed amenities. She showed my lady friend and I two (very choice) apartments, and the second showing was the most ideal we could ask for. As we signed application papers, I ruminated the repeating chorus from "The Weight" about ten dozen times ... maybe it''s because it''s the ultimate jams, but it''s still apropos.

Do yerself a favor. Move out of your janky place and call Elizabeth, tomorrow. She''ll beat your expectations to a pulp.

Yes! Yes!!! - Josh E.

March 2011 by Autumn M.
This was my first time looking for an apartment in the city, and Elizabeth was very helpful and not pushy at all (unlike those with other companies I had viewed apartments with). Finding an affordable but nice place in the Lincoln Park area was much easier than I thought it would be. If you''re looking for an apartment, I would definitely recommend checking out their listings. - Autumn M.

March 2011 by Emily N.
Elizabeth was really helpful. She found me a great place in the neighborhood that I wanted in my exact price range. The whole process was really relaxed. She didn''t do that "well, you better jump on it NOW" thing that other leasing agents do (I hate that!), and I was in my new place within two weeks. I was even able to move in a little early. Thanks Elizabeth! - Emily N.

March 2011 by Sharon S.
Dreaded finding a new apartment but found some listings on Craigslist which led me to Elan Realty. I met with Elizabeth and she''s super nice. She gets to the point and shows you places that are actually within your budget and has the features you''re looking for. I knew what I was looking for and where I was looking for was going to be hard to hard but Elizabeth found them! I was also supposed to move in at the beginning of the month but they were doing more remodeling in the apt so my move-in date got pushed 5 days and my old place was going to charge me double the rent for staying an additional 5 days so Elan is crediting me for $100 for the inconvenience, which covers most of the doubled rent I would have to pay, so it works out. Definitely would recommend to others! - Sharon S.

March 2011 by Nick A.
I found Elan Leasing through a Craigslist ad. Moving to Chicago from from out of state, I wasn''t totally familiar with the area, but Elizabeth was on top of her game and helped us in every way, even followed up with me a week or two after moving into the apartment!

Unlike others I had met, I did not feel pressured, nor did I ever feel she was dishonest at any point. I was given thorough information about each unit, and she was even able to wave a fee or two since the unit was more than we wanted to spend. I love my place, and I enjoyed the service I recieved. I would recommend her to anyone that is moving to the north side of Chicago. - Nick A.